ESG Advisory Services


Following the updated Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide, apart from the mandatory disclosure regarding ESG governance structure, reporting principles and reporting boundary, the general disclosure of ESG related information on the policies and compliance with relevant laws and regulations on various aspects, and the Environmental and Social Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are now under “comply or explain” provisions. Valor is here to assist you in ESG Reporting matters.

Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Advisory Services

The 2020 enhancements of the ESG Reporting Guide requires the board has a collective responsibility to oversee the company’s ESG strategy and reporting, and disclosure of the board statement on ESG matters. In addition, it also introduces new climate change risk disclosure as well as upgrades the disclosure obligation of all Social KPIs from voluntary to “comply or explain”.

Scope of Work of ESG Reporting Advisory Services

The scope of work of ESG Reporting advisory services usually include:
• discuss with management and coordinate in the whole reporting process;
• design roadmap for the entire reporting process;
• design questionnaires for stakeholders’ engagements and collect data for KPIs calculation;
• investigate and conduct research on relevant international rules, regulations and factors for formulating company policies;
• conduct meetings and interviews with the management and relevant stakeholders;
• design toolkits and provide guidance for planning reporting process, engaging with stakeholders and defining material aspects and boundaries;
• design and draft templates for the Company’s ESG policies and data collection spreadsheets for KPIs calculation;
• calculate the Environmental and Social KPIs;
• provide ESG-related training to the board, the management and the staff; and
• draft the ESG Report in electronic format.